Guide to our prescription services

NHS prescriptions are dispensed late night seven days a week from Pharmacyrepublic. We maintain a comprehensive stock of prescription medicines and use a number of national wholesalers which allows us to fulfil all your prescription needs.

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We’re here to help

Ask our pharmacist any questions or concerns that you may have with your medicines or your health. If you want to get the most out of your medicines book into one of our Medicine Use Review where our pharmacist will arrange to see you in our consultation room to discuss your medicines in-depth confidentially.

Private prescriptions

We dispense private prescriptions from UK GMC and EU registered doctors. If you would like us to dispense your private prescription, simply hand it in at the pharmacy counter where we will then give you a quote. You have to pay for the cost of the medicines themselves with a private prescription plus whatever additional fee the pharmacy decides.

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Get your medication without leaving home

Handy reminders to re-order so you don’t run out

Free delivery through your door

Save time, with no need for repeated trips to your GP or Pharmacy

Prescription FAQs